Apple- This website was made on a mac, get yours here.
Jessops- A large selection of camera equipment.


Terminal Overclockers - a friendly place to chat freely.
Hexus - a large forum with a very useful bargain section.
OCUK - a massive forum with a very active photography subforum.
Talk Photography - a very large and useful photography community.
Fiat Forum - a forum for all things fiat.


Sara Wallen - a good friend with an excellent talent for webdesign.
Keot -check out keots brilliant 3D digital art.

Photography Websites:

CSS Zen Garden - a site that shows the endless possibilities of CSS.
Deviant Art - currently over 20million pieces of art submitted.
Coln Winhall Photography - A very talented photographer and an excellent website. - custom picture frames, photo frames and mounts.


The Policeman's Blog - an often amusing look at the life as a police officer.
Bimble Blog - the blog of sara wallen bimbling along.


Appleinsider - reguarly updated news from the secrative apple computers.
The Tailsection - news on all things lost.
Lost Links - lots of lost videos and links.

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